About Us

About Us

REI – Reindustria Innovazione is a limited liability consortium, an expression of shared territorial interest in intervening in local socio-economic development.

It is a public and private partnership whose function is to seize opportunities for systematizing shared and concrete solutions to meet widespread territorial needs.

It focuses on three main areas of intervention: Territorial Marketing, Innovation and Research, Startups.

REI Projects

Focus is placed on supralocal authority planning with long term impact, in a scenario of orientations defined by the territorial strategic board coordinated by the Lombardy Region Authorities and other local main players. Project development occurs with a subsidiarity approach, capable of stimulating territorial empowerment, without coming into competition, instead promoting, on the one hand, the emergence of cross-cutting opportunities and on the other hand an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the partners’ services, benefiting the local economic system.

Company Structure

REI is governed by the following corporate bodies:

a Board of Directors made up of 11 directors and a Board of Auditors with 3 auditorson a three-year term of office (2016-2019).

By statute it is composed of majority public shareholdings, fully paid up, for a value of €214,955.86.