Innovation and Research


Vision & Mission

Awareness for cosmetic companies in digital transformation, with a human-centric manufacturing approach.

AD-COM is a project developed in the context of the regional law n. 29 of 23 November 2016 “Lombardia è Ricerca”.

The law provides for the strategic instrument of the  ”Accordi per la Ricerca, lo Sviluppo e l’Innovazione”, to support significant and R&I projects, through a negotiating pact between the Region and the aggregations of companies, universities and research centers.
The project will end in 2020 and represents one of the 32 approved Agreements, worth € 9.4 million, co-financed by the Lombardy Region, through European funds Por Fesr 2014/2020.

Aim of the Agreement

Increase the competitiveness of the cosmetic value chain, through the development of an optimized production process.

The new process will be characterized by high efficiency and traceability along the whole value chain, with a strong impact on the growth of the Lombardy cosmetic cluster.

To achieve the desired output, the project actions are structured in the following Implementation Objectives:

1. Mapping of manufacturing processes in key Industry 4.0
2. Valorisation of human capital
3. Integrated information systems for the cosmetics supply chain
4. Efficiency of production processes
5. Specific Advanced Cosmetic Manufacturing
6. Cluster Framework Conditions
7. Project management


Research topics

The university contribution makes it possible to develop enabling technologies deriving from operational research, carry out process simulations, use advanced forecasting methods and tools, as well as provide companies with interconnected management systems with real-time data collection.

Through this project it is possible to integrate and optimize resources in the supply chain and create distinctive territorial competences related to the efficiency of the production process.



The project is directed by REI – Reindustria Innovazione, in collaboration with two Universities Polytechnic of Milan and University of Milan and some of the leading companies in the Lombardy cosmetic value chain: Ancorotti Cosmetics, Eurofins Biolab, Lumson, Omnicos Group and Regi.


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