Marketing Management

Marketing Management

TARGET CLIENTS: local businesses and companies outside the Cremona area, local citizens and external visitors, local Public Administration.

It represents the development of greater awareness (internal and external) of the value of specific characteristics, local potential and the driving forces behind social and economic development in the Cremona Area.

REI sets out with the precise objective of supporting the revitalization and promotion of the territory according to specific characteristics and needs, creating a close symbiosis between potential clients and the development of markets.


Are you looking for a location solution in the Province of Cremona, but don’t know who to turn to?

Are you an entrepreneur looking for somewhere to develop your business? Do you need to evaluate expansion of your business??



Development of organized communication on a territory level for the integrated promotion of its characteristics (tangible and intangible assets), increasing its internal and external visibility;

Marketing, attracting private investment and reactivation of the production areas present in the territory which in recent years have been impoverished by the economic crisis;

Activities which facilitate the modernization of Public Administration in an integrated way.