REI is partner of the first industrial modernisation partnership on renewable natural resources

06 Aprile 2021

The Industrial modernisation partnership Berry + has been approved by the European Comission on 17.11.2020.


  • Kainuu – Finland
  • Helsinki – Finland
  • Western Greece – Greece
  • Western Macedonia – Greece
  • Lombardy region – Italy
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia – Italy
  • Centro Region – Portugal
  • Catalonia – Spain

What is Berry+

It is an S3 industrial modernisation partnership coordinated by Kainuu Region (Finland) to establish an interregional cluster among the partner regions, emphasising excellence-based processing of renewable natural resources for high added value applications and ensuring access to market, through value chain collaborations.

Lombardy Region, represented by Directorate General Research, Innovation, University, Export and Internationalization, is taking part into “BERRY+”, through the operational commitment of REI – Reindustria Innovazione and Politecnico di Milano. Regional clusters involved in this partnership are the clusters: “AFIL – Lombardy Intelligent Factory Association” and “LGCA – Lombardy Green Chemistry Association”.

The Smart Specialisation is a place-based approach characterised by the identification of strategic areas for intervention based both on the analysis of the strengths and potential of the economy and on an Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) with wide stakeholder involvement.

Value chain collaborations were selected since they can be effective instruments supporting innovation-based growth on regionale, national, european and global level.

Circular economy as a driver for growth, investiments and exports.

The starting point of BERRY+ is circular economy as a driver for growth, investments and exports. The aim is to maximize the value bound to renewable natural resources as much as possible in the economy, and in the process to generate sustainable growth for the partner-regions.

Interregional complementarities identified through value chain analysis will support partner regions’ industrial development, path the way for long term collaboration, joint development and accelerate the transfer to a competitive circular economy.

During the starting phase of the BERRY+ partnership, the prioritised value chains, from raw materials to final products and their associated technologies of the following types of value chains: functional foods, vegetable-based proteins, regenerative cosmetics, herbs applications, and forest industry side streams especially those replacing products based on non-sustainable raw materials.


BERRY+ initiatives are organised in three distinct types of activities:

  • investments
  • transregional projects
  • regional & national projects & initiatives supporting investments and clustering.

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