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REI – Reindustria Innovazione was established in 1995 as Reindustria – Agenzia di sviluppo locale, following the closure, in 1992, of the Olivetti factory in Crema.

The divestiture of Olivetti, in the early ’90s resulted in a situation of profound economic crisis: to obviate the difficulties linked to the industrial area it had once occupied, the public authorities and social partners created a path of cohesion with the development of a shared vision for the reindustrialization of the area and re-launch of the local territory.

From this cohesion Reindustria was born, through a Programme Agreement signed by the Lombardy Region, the Province of Cremona and the Municipality of Crema authorities with the support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Lombardy Region. This agreement foresaw the promotion and coordination of the activities related to the area’s recovery in production and the creation of the necessary conditions for the settlement of the Milan University’s Educational and Research Pole in Crema.

The Programme, which was given a strong boost by the active involvement of the Trade Associations and the local credit institutions, was concluded in 2004 with a positive result both in quantitative terms (€90 million of investments, 200 enterprises financed and 735 new jobs) and qualitative terms on how the area reacted to that period of crisis.

In 2005 this became Reindustria Agenzia Cremona Sviluppo, working to give added value to local production chains.

It was during these years that in Reindustria the Technological Pole of Cosmetics was born and developed: it is today an independent and autonomous body which plays an important role for the cosmetics supply chain in the Crema area.

In 2015, due to the need to increase the impact on the territory and launch new projects for improvement and rationalization, top management approved the merger with Consorzio Crema Ricerche and Reindustria.

In January 2016 REI – Reindustria Innovazione came into being. It is a company which took over the startup incubation and technological transfer skills belonging to Crema Ricerche.

Today, REI maintains the collective commitment of its partners to promote social and economic development in the Province of Cremona, with a special consideration for small and medium-sized enterprises which form the production foundations of the local territory.  REI is a dynamic company which can facilitate innovation and the implementation of effective activities for local socio-economic development. Its function is to seize opportunities for systematizing shared and concrete solutions to meet widespread territorial needs. It is a centre of rationalization which focuses on supralocal planning with long-term impact. The 3 main areas of intervention are:


Reindustria – Agenzia di Sviluppo Locale is founded


It becomes Reindustria Agenzia Cremona Sviluppo


REI – Reindustria Innovazione is established; a company which took over the startup incubation and technological transfer skills belonging to Crema Ricerche.