REI is part of the first industrial modernisation partnership on renewable natural resources

What is BERRY +

BERRY+ is an S3 industrial modernisation partnership about natural resources and their side flows approved by the European Commission on 17.11.2020.


It is addressed to regions with existing or emerging innovation interests, relevant RIS3 & commitment in the field of natural resources and their side flows, as well as regions with significant market segments in the relevant domains.


BERRY + objectives are interregional investments & integration into existing or emerging European Value Chains (EVC) and establish an interregional cluster.

REI is partner of ECA – European Cluster Alliance that gives a voice to the clusters’ interests, needs and opportunities at European and global level.

What is ECA

ECA is a Cluster Network aggregating 800 clusters and tens of thousands of European SMEs; it is a cluster community that has the most direct connection to the cluster managers reality, challenges and activities


The Association joins 15 national associations of clusters and more than 800 clusters organisations on European level. These make up for 123.000 of our most innovative businesses and over 10.000 universities, research centres and public institutions.


Following the collaboration activities for Rapid Alert Function, REI has been promoted as
member/ambassador for European Clusters Alliance, title given to each legal person which through their accession have demonstrated their interest and have given support to the association itself.

Report on disruptions

Visit the following LINK to check the disruptions report ECA and REI created for the European Commission

REI is in partnership with AFIL – Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia

What is AFIL

AFIL is Lombardy Technological Cluster  for advanced manufacturing.

It stems from a process leaded by Lombardy Region, with the aim to create an ecosystem that favours the matching process between different local stakeholders operating in R&D fields. It concerns the initiatives belonging to priority areas identified in regional Smart Specialization Strategies (S3)


AFIL is made by Lombardy enterprises that operate in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Up to date,  it counts 136 members divided in 110 companies, 14 R&D centers e universities and 12 industrial associations.


AFIL favours R&D in advanced manufacturing sector, promoting best practices e enabling technologies, with the aim to support and develop leadership models and the competitiveness of Lombardy productive system.