Facilitating the Future

REI: Reindustria Innovazione

REI is a dynamic company which can facilitate innovation and the implementation of effective activities for local socio-economic development.

The value of REI lies in the creation of corporate partnership made up of Local Authorities, Trade Associations and TerritorialPublic or Private Law Authorities.

This approach ensures multi-stakeholders development of projects, aimed at creating group synergies and a collaborative mix of collective benefit.

Territorial Marketing

REI helps companies to understand local potential and the driving forces behind social and economic development in the Cremona area.

Innovation and Research

REI facilitates relationships between companies and Universities and Research facilities, stimulating interrelation processes and the development of open innovation.


REI has the function of facilitating the implementation of successful initiatives.

REI focuses on problems with long-term impact at a supralocal authority and multifunctional level;

REI intercepts and exploits actions that strengthen the collective impact in territorial development;

REI supports the analysis, development and clarification of shared solutions linked to optimised needs, facilitating collaboration;

REI helps define the correct approach for managing new projects, aiming at long-term sustainability to avoid permanent reliance on REI.

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